Otherworlds Heroes official trailer released

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Bublar’s proprietary MMO-platform, 3D maps, and a unique game concept are the pillars of this “real-world AR-game” production. All players share the same game world, where fantasy is mixed with reality. 

Otherworld Heroes is a location-based mobile game, played outdoors, and uses the phone’s GPS- location to navigate in-game. Check out the trailer:

After your tribe is attacked by a horde of mystical creatures, the task of fighting back the devastating menace falls to you. These newfound enemies are no pushovers, and you’re going to have to craft powerful weapons, take on quests, and upgrade your character in order to save the day.

Combat in Otherworld Heroes is designed to be intuitive and fast. That being said, if you do find yourself struggling you could always get a friend to hop in to help you turn the tide of battle.

And it’s that focus on social experiences that really turns Otherworld Heroes into a standout example of the genre. Be sure get updates on the pre-registration and launch here.

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