One Line Weekly

One Line Weekly is out now on Android – rotate lines the correct way

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One Line Weekly is out, and it is for all you lovers of Indie gems. Created by Marcelo Pars, the title explains what the game is about.

One Line Weekly gameplay

One Line Weekly is a game that requires you to make one line out of hundreds of objects. In fact, the main aim of the game is to rotate lines and arrange them correctly. If you are able to form a long snake across multiple objects, then you are probably correct.

Now, you may be wondering why it is called One Line Weekly. It is simply because the game offers a new level every Saturday. You will be required to turn whatever you get into one line.

One Line Weekly is probably more difficult than it looks on the surface. If you are a lover of such minimalistic puzzle games, then it is definitely for you.

You can get One Line Weekly for free now on the Google Play Store.

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