Omega Wars - Champions of the Galaxy

Omega Wars – Clash Royale on a higher level – is out on Android

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Omega Wars: Champions of the Galaxy is a new game that takes the basic formula of Clash Royale, and makes so many changes and additions that it is on a higher level than the hit title from Supercell. In short, this new game is more than just the latest clone of Clash Royale. It is so much more.

The similarity between Omega Wars and Clash Royale includes the fact that you will still get a deck out various card types. You will get units, spells, and abilities. Then you will battle against an opponent in real time, decimating them by dropping units and spells onto the arena.

That’s about all the similarity between the two games. The biggest new feature offered by Omega Wars has to be the ability to merge cards directly on the battlefield. This allows you to pop weak units inside a defensive unit, or fire units at your opponent from a cannon. It’s absolutely insane!

Also, Omega Wars offers you three different races to play from, each with its own exclusive cards. Then, you can create your own strategy. You can also swap between different card forms during battle.

Omega Wars includes 1v1 and 2v2 arena battles. It comes with an AR mode, and a live spectator option. There is also a variety of leaderboards to top. All these make this game worth checking out.

Omega Wars Trailer

To get Omega Wars right now, simply head on over to Google Play and install it.

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