Octopath Traveler prequel possibly headed to Google Play

Octopath Traveler prequel possibly headed to Google Play

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Square Enix has announced a mobile game prequel to the Nintendo Switch RPG Octopath Traveler. The new game takes place several years before the original and will boast the same HD-2D graphics. 

The game will be titled Octopath Traveler: Tairiku no Hasha which translates to Champions of the Continent. The RPG will still be set on the continent of Osterra, and it seems that characters from the Switch title will make appearances. Some major differences from the original game come in the ability of eight characters to take part in a battle.

The dev team has also stated that they will be adding content periodically, which makes sense for a mobile game. There will still be proper endpoints for all eight characters, and the added content will serve as a bonus to keep people interested.

A big question will revolve around the adaptation of the game to touch controls. Octopath Traveler for Nintendo Switch played great and shined in handheld mode for many gamers when it launched last year. The move to a mobile screen for input could be the one thing that prevents this new game from achieving the same level of success as its predecessor. We’ll keep you updated on the latest developments.

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