New Harry Potter game coming soon to Google Play

New Harry Potter game coming soon to Google Play

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Niantic and WB Games, have released a press statement on the upcoming AR mobile game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

The new game – which is due for release this year – will implement AR tech like that seen in fellow Niantic title Pokémon Go. As players traverse the world with the  Hogwarts they will encounter portals, monsters, rival wizards and much more that appear on their mobile screen mapped on the real-world scenery around them.

You will begin your journey as a new recruit of the Statute of Secrecy Task Force – a group charged with investigating and containing a “Calamity” plaguing the wizardry world.

You can also practice and execute your spell mastery by teaming up with other users and competing in Wizardry Challenges found at locations called Fortresses. In these real-time multiplayer battles, players will take on threats such as Death Eaters and Dementors to earn high-level rewards.

Customization will also be available as players can choose what magical discipline or “profession” they’d prefer, with choices such as Aurors, Magizoologists, and Professors each offering unique abilities and benefits.

The much-anticipated album will launch on iOS and Android mobile devices later this year.

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