NetEase releases new Teaser Trailer for “Disorder”, a Dystopian Multiplayer Shooter

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When talking about original and ambitious mobile games, NetEase is a company that easily comes to mind.

Already, the company released LifeAfter for Android earlier this year. LifeAfter is a zombie apocalypse multiplayer survival sim. Now, only a short time after that release, NetEase is already preparing us for the release of another game, Disorder. This new game is another sort of dystopian shooter.

Not much is known about Disorder at the moment, but we know that the game is set in 2030, in the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. The plot is that of a society that has collapsed and is now dominated by warring factions in a sort of high tech wild west.

NetEase has just released a new trailer that focuses on one of the warring factions in the game. This faction is called Ghost Puppets, while the other two are Pale Knights and Cadaver Unit.

In addition, the trailer reveals a couple of characters, Beretta and Enfield. These names may ring a bell in your head – they are names of gun manufacturers. According to the trailer, both of these characters are members of the Ghost Puppets faction. It is interesting though, that the trailer shows them “fighting to the death” on top of a train.


To discover what exactly is going on between Beretta and Enfield, you may just have to play this game. What we can tell you for sure, is that it is a team-based multiplayer game that is set to be out later this year. You can get more information on the game’s official website.

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