My Heroes - Dungeon Adventure

My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure lets you enjoy real-time Co-op

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My Heroes - Dungeon Adventure

Ever wanted to join forces with your friends to play a particular game? This is exactly what My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure offers you.

The game offers real-time co-op for up to four players. This means that you can combine forces with three of your friends to play the game. Each player has a different role in the party. The roles are basically traditional, ranging from warriors to rangers, ninjas and wizards. With more than 20 skills to choose from for each class, you can combine a number of skills to your taste to match your style of play.

The gameplay is basically pure dungeon crawling. You are to slay monsters, gather loot, and defeat bosses. It’s not entirely different from other dungeon crawling games. But you get to co-op with your friends. That makes it more fun.

To enjoy My Heroes – Dungeon Adventure, simply download it on Google Play now.

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