MU Origin 2 set to launch sooner than you think

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In 2015, Webzen authorized the Tianma studio to develop M.U Origin to bring an MMORPG experience similar to the first title of the franchise, but on mobile devices. The game was particularly well received in Asia. 4 years later, Tianma finally presents her sequel: M.U Origin 2 on Android.

MU ORIGIN 2 brings you the legendary MU kingdom back again, inheriting the classic elements and story that has been beloved by players over 16 years and reinventing the quality and user experience/gameplay.

Let’s return to the classic MU world. Hold your weapon and regain the MU kingdom.

The gameplay is neat and promises a better experience with detailed and realistic graphics. M.U Origin 2 was first published on the Asian market by Tencent and Webzen. The game is the first place in the charts.

Between March 29th and April 7th Webzen ran a closed beta for MU Origin 2, giving a cohort of players the chance to play the game early. They generated some fascinating insights. 

The most popular character by far was Dark Wizard, and the least popular was Elf, which tends to suggest that MU Origin players prefer the dark side. 

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