Minecraft celebrates its 10 year anniversary with a new mobile game!

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Augmented reality (AR) technology has come a long way since Pokémon Go launched in 2016, and now one of the biggest games of the last decade is joining the ranks. Microsoft has announced Minecraft Earth, an upcoming mobile game that brings the blocky construction set into the real world.

To celebrate 10-years of Minecraft, Microsoft has announced Minecraft Earth. A free-to-play augmented reality mobile game, Minecraft Earth is part of the 10-year anniversary celebration.

Minecraft Earth, like Pokémon GO and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, sees players exploring the real world to find digital goodies.

Microsoft has been flirting with bringing augmented reality to Minecraft since E3 2015, when it showed off a demo that used the HoloLens AR headset to project this virtual Lego-like world over the real world objects, with some pretty cool results.

But four years on, the HoloLens is still not commercially available and looks to be prohibitively expensive for the average user in its current form. A closed beta will be launched later this year. To register your interest for the beta you need to head to the sign-up website.

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