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Marvel Duel launches in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines

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Marvel Duel is now available for mobile gamers in select countries. You can now grab this card-battler if you live in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia or the Philippines. Asides from being a card-battler, Marvel Duel is also partly an auto-chess game that you will enjoy.

The game features multiple versions of the same hero. You also get to play in alternate dimensions. However, you are not alone. The game also features villains messing around with space and time. What is that if not epic?

Marvel Duel Official Launch Trailer

The trailer does not exactly offer much gameplay to see. However, seeing Thor swing his hammer is actually pretty cool. We also get to see some shooting.

There is no word yet on the availability of Marvel Duel in other countries. However, we imagine it will definitely be available in many more countries over time. You can get more information about Marvel Duel on the game’s official website.

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