Mario Kart Mobile game done with Beta testing, launch to be announced soon

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Mario Kart’s upcoming mobile game, Mario Kart Tour, has released its beta test on Android in Japan for select players. Some of the content has since been uploaded by testers in a thread on ResetERA, as reported by Eurogamer.

But the gameplay at least seems fun, and appropriately simplified for mobile, which, yes, means it’s played vertically. Characters automatically drive forward while you drag your finger on the screen left and right to turn. Some items (like invincibility stars) are automatically used if you pick them up, others are activated just by touching the screen, according to Kotaku.

The mobile game appears to have a number of currencies and time-gating mechanics. By completing races and racking up points, players can earn stars, which they can use to unlock additional cups and purchase gifts. Those gifts can contain green gems, Mario Kart Tour’s premium currency, to get random items from the slot machine pipe. The ability to play Mario Kart Tour is governed by a stamina meter.

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