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LORDS MOBILE: WAR KINGDOM is a free-to-play fantasy mobile game that combines world-building, role-playing, and real-time strategy. In the world-building part, players build kingdoms from scratch: Starting with nothing but small plots of land, they construct buildings, gather resources, train armies, and vanquish enemies, expanding their kingdoms as they go.

The world is much changed after the first emperor’s death. Driven by their ambition and greed, Lords seek power and shatter the peace that once reigned. The Land has been split into myriad clashing kingdoms, many declaring themselves the rightful heirs to the throne.

Countless monsters have risen from the depths to wreak havoc across the battle-scarred lands. The endless king wars for glory and power have begun, and the time for a battle hero to rise up has come…

Recruit and upgrade heroes with unique skills and character! Let them lead your kingdom to glory, or mix and match them to complete an RPG-style campaign that you will want to play again and again. Download the game on Google Play.

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