Legends ReVIVE officially released in Japan

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SEGA announced a mobile game based on Fist of the North Star last month. This game is Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE that is set for iOS and Android release in Japan.

This RPG faithfully reproduces the original story-line as we get to play as our favorite characters from the manga, but we also get to throw the same legendary punches.

Fist of the North Star: Legends ReVIVE will let players team up some of their favorite characters from the franchise, such as Kenshiro, Shin, Raoh and Rei, as they wander the post-nuclear wastelands getting into a lot of silly bothers.

When engaged in combat, players will enter rhythm games in order to perform flashy combos and bring their enemies to an explosive end. You can get the game on the Google Play Store

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