Legend - Rising Empire

Legend: Rising Empire – This is where Clash Of Clans meets Civilisation

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NetEase has done it again, cloning a highly successful game in order to get a bit of the cheese. The game maker has created a game – Legend: Rising Empire – which is apparently a combination of Clash Of Clans and Civilisation. Legend: Rising Empire features a combination of strategy and city-building. Players act as lords with the goal of conquering the fictional continent of Favilla.

Legend: Rising Empire – Gameplay

In Legend: Rising Empire, you are expected to build your own city out of more than 40 different types of buildings. The aim of doing this is to build an empire and increase its reach, just as is obtained in Clash Of Clans. You have to build a thriving city from nothing but a small village, using the resources at your disposal.

Legend - Rising Empire

After building your empire to a level in which it becomes powerful enough, you will get to choose a faction. The available factions include Money, Industrial, and Warmonger. Each of these factions has its own strengths and weaknesses. However, you will always have allies, regardless of which faction you choose. As well as battling alongside you, these allies will aid your empire with trades.

Legend: Rising Empire requires you to position your troops carefully to succeed. The game’s battles are quite more involved than what is obtained in Clash Of Clans. In addition to carefully positioning your troops, you will have to protect your ranged units with strong knights. If you wish to succeed in this game, you must balance between development and raising an army to protect your people.

If you are interested in playing Legend: Rising Empire, head on over to Google Play right now to download it.

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