Layton: Curious Village

Layton: Curious Village in HD gets a massive Price Slash on Android

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Layton: Curious Village (or Professor Layton: The Curious Village) was launched over ten years ago on the DS, and at the time, it was one of the most loved games. Even now, the game is still loved by quite a large number of gamers.

Layton: Curious Village has just gotten a massive price slash on Google Play. This means that right now, you can grab the game for about $5 dollars as against the $10 that it was available for. That is a massive 50% off, and it is probably just for a limited time.

This mobile game is basically a remaster of the DS classic. You will play as Layton, a professor on a mission to discover what happened to the Reinhold family’s Golden Apple treasure.

In order to achieve your mission, you will have to solve over 100 puzzles as you play on. In addition to these puzzles, you will also get to play quite a number of mini-games.

The mobile version of the game also features new HD visuals, and it looks absolutely beautiful.

If you are interested in getting Layton: Curious Village at half price right now, simply head on over to Google Play to grab it.

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