Langrisser releases sequel to mobile game

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Sequels to console games rarely make their way to mobile devices — and if they do, that usually spells trouble for a company. However, it can also serve as a rebirth to a series that needs a fresh start and a wider audience. Langrisser is looking to do exactly that, as it’s a more niche strategy Japanese role-playing game series that primarily only released in Japan. 

The story behind Langrisser starts off similarly to most Japanese role-playing (JRPG) games. Matthew, the main protagonist, along with childhood friends Almeda and Grenier, is attacked by a demon-controlled empire and are forced to run away from their town. That escape becomes a bigger narrative after the team is tasked with reviving the legendary sword Langrisser to fight against the empire, who wants to use the Alhazard, the dark counterpart to Langrisser. You can get it on Google Play here.

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