Knights & Dungeons

Knights & Dungeons is an Action RPG by Paradox

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Knights & Dungeons

In recent times, RPGs seem to be getting more and more popular. The fact that many of them are now available on mobile devices makes it cover even a wider audience.

Knights & Dungeons is one of such games. It is a Role-Playing Game in which players create their own knights and send them out into dungeons on a quest for gold and glory. It is available from Paradox.

As a player of this Action RPG, you will create your own knight from an array of options and customizations available to you. Upon creating your knight, you can then send it into battle for gold.

Combat in Knights & Dungeons takes place in a wide variety of dungeons. In each dungeon you go, you will have to beat the enemies to pieces and soak up all of the gold. At the end, you will have to beat bosses.

As you progress in the game, your knight will attain higher levels and acquire new gear. It will become more powerful, allowing you to take on more challenges. So, even as the game gets tougher, your knight also gets stronger.

Rewards in Knights & Dungeons

Apart from battling for gold in Knights & Dungeons, there are tons of stuff to collect. You can unlock new abilities and pets to aid you in your quest. You can even build your own city right in the game.

If you enjoy Action RPGs and would like to play Knights & Dungeons, just go over to Google Play and download it now.

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