Is Overwatch Mobile coming to the mobile world?

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Bear in mind that, at the moment, everything here should be taken with a pinch of salt – Blizzard has told us it’s working on mobile games, but other than Diablo Immortal none of them have been announced or even mentioned yet.

There’s a real chance there might not even be an Overwatch game for mobile. That means that in the not-too-distant future we’re going to be playing Overwatch on mobile.

However, for Overwatch and the ecosystem around the Overwatch League to continue to grow, expanding into the mobile space makes a lot of sense.

Currently, there is no Overwatch mobile version that you can download and play on either iOS or Android devices. It’s strange to think that neither Activision nor Blizzard has tried to move its hugely successful shooter onto the mobile market.

It is especially absurd considering the success of several other mobile games that appear to be consistently popular in a similar field. But more pressure from gamers and fans may see the tides turn in favor of the mobile world.

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