mobile game android sakura the twilight

Introducing “”, one of the five best Indie Games in 2018

< 1 minute read, a real-time battle royale shooter that has been built from scratch for the smaller screen. It was one of the five top best Indie Games category in the Korean Google Play Store in 2018.

It is easy to control. Virtual buttons do exist, but they’re a lot more limited here. You simply move around by sliding your thumb on the left of the screen and tap the buttons on the right to use skills or attack. Easy right? The game is almost like, with you running around collecting XP to level up. You’ll then select from a variety of passive or active skills to power up your character – just like in an RPG.

mobile game android sakura the twilight

There are a wide variety of characters and costumes to unlock too, so it’s rare that you’ll find two characters that look, or play, the same. You could play as a mighty axe-wielding warrior in one game but then swap straight on over to a mage or sharpshooter in the next.

So quickly go get  on Google Play.

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