Internet users take issue with mobile phone game’s graphics being “moe-fied” for Japanese release

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Golden Voyage Age, or Daikoukai Utopia (“Great Voyage Utopia”) in Japanese, is a mobile phone action RPG released in Japan on November 29 by publisher BBGame. The game sets your playable character as a seafarer charged with the remodeling and battling of ships, conducting of trade, and exploration of ruins in Europe during the Age of Exploration (roughly the 15th-18th centuries).

Such a spirit of adventure calls for some equally enthralling visuals, which the development team teased in pre-release introductory video clips of the game such as the following:

However, just two days before the game’s eventual Japanese release, Golden Voyage Age’sofficial Japanese-language Twitter account posted the following announcement that they were in the midst of tweaking the character art.

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The side-by-side comparisons of the original character design (above left) versus the revamped design (above right) both have their merits, but the revised version definitely draws its inspiration from moe anime-style artwork which ultimately left a bad taste in some net users’ mouths.

Regardless of which style you prefer, the game can be downloaded for both Android or iPhone in Japanese via its official Japanese site.

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