Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime is out right now on Android

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Ingress Prime

In case you have never heard of Ingress, it is the game that directly led to Pokèmon Go. The game has received a massive update – Ingress Prime, which is now available on Android.

Ingress was the first game ever released by Niantic. It followed the same basic formula and story of sci-fi games – location stuff and working together to play. However, it was still different and way more complicated than its counterparts.

Ingress Prime was released as a revamp of the whole experience. In this new game, the developer has rebooted the story and streamlined the whole experience.

For returning players, you will notice key changes in this new update/release. One of the first things that you will probably notice is the fact that the map is laid out on a real-world surface. If you lost interest in the original Ingress, you may find yourself falling in love again with this update. For new players, you will simply enjoy a new game.

Ingress Prime is now available on Google Play. Head on over to download it and enjoy.

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