Idle Space Tycoon

Idle Space Tycoon is now officially available on Android

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Idle Space Tycoon

Idle Space Tycoon has been available in beta for a while, but it is officially out on Android right now. ColdFire announced this official launch on Reddit.

Idle Space Tycoon is a game that challenges you to build your own spaceship empire. You will build your own company that specialises in spaceships, manage a fleet of them to earn money, and upgrade them and your various buildings. Eventually, you may hire a crew to do it all for you, becoming an “idle space tycoon”.

The official release comes with features such as leaderboards, achievements, a world map, a permanent boosts ship, an overhauled user interface, cloud saving, and Google Play Games Services among a host of other improvements. You can get it right now on Google Play.


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