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How To Improve Gaming Performance On Android

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Virtually every day, people come online to check for tips on how to improve gaming performance on their Android devices. There are many issues that may come up if you ever decide to use your Android device for gaming. These issues range from device lagging to overheating. The games may even display graphics poorly on your phone. This is a serious issue for a lot of people. If you are playing a game, you definitely want to enjoy the experience without having to sacrifice the performance. Unless you are using a gaming smartphone though, it may be very hard to achieve that.

Now, there is what you have to do if you want to improve gaming graphics on Android. There is also what you have to do if you want to improve gaming performance on Android. However, you should know that if you improve gaming graphics on Android, it will likely tell on your phone’s battery. The phone will drain the battery fast and use up more memory, but you will be sure to enjoy your gaming experience graphics-wise.

These simple tips will help you to boost your Android gaming experience.

1. Use Android Developer Options

Android Developer Options should be your first go-to area if you want to improve the graphics of your Android gaming experience. This option is usually hidden in new Android devices because it opens you to opportunities to make changes that will have lasting effects on your device. It is basically there for Android developers but normal users can tap into the options as well.

In order to enable developer mode on your Android device, you need to take the following steps:

How To Enable Developer Mode On Android

Settings > About phone > Software info > Build number

  • Go to Settings.
  • Scroll down to About phone and click on it.
  • Open Software info.
  • Look for Build number and tap on it seven times.
  • When you get the message “You are 3 steps from becoming a developer”, tap on it three more times and you will get the message “You are now a developer!”
How To Enable Developer Options On Android
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That’s it. You are now a developer. Go back to your phone’s Settings page and you will see a new clickable option Developer options. This is where you access the settings to boost the graphics of your Android game.

To improve gaming graphics performance on Android, go to Developer options. A warning may come up “Turning on developer options might result in irregular behavior in your device. These options are recommended only for advanced users.” Click OK.

Scroll down to Force 4x MSAA option. You may find it under “Hardware Accelerated Rendering” if your Developer options menu is divided into sections. Enable this option and reboot your phone.

How To Enable Force 4x MSAA On Android
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Note: Enabling Force 4x MSAA option will drain your Android phone’s battery faster while boosting your gaming graphics. So, you may want to have a lot of battery juice before enabling it. It is also advisable to disable it when you are not gaming.

2. Uninstall Apps that you rarely use

There are some apps that just sit and occupy space on our phones. Sometimes, we simply leave them because we believe they will be useful someday. A lot of times, they do not get useful. They just take up phone memory. This generally causes Android phones to start lagging.

When you have so many apps taking up memory on your phone, it eventually takes a toll on performance. Your phone begins to get slow, and you may get frustrated at times. This becomes worse when you are gaming on your Android device. You will notice obvious deterioration in performance and speed.

To improve this Android gaming experience, you should uninstall unwanted apps on your phone. Check your phone regularly to remove apps that you do not use. You will notice a significant improvement in phone performance which will be noticeable in your Android gaming experience.

3. Turn off Background Apps and Services

Background apps and services generally slow down your Android device. This is especially noticeable in your gaming experience. There are a lot of Android apps that generally run in the background. These apps keep using the phone’s resources even when you do not open them. Apps like Gmail, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp for example, keep running in the background even when you do not open them. These apps consume RAM space on your device, competing with your Android gaming experience.

You can disable these background apps and automatic sync to let your games enjoy more resources. However, the truth is that these days, many smartphones come with higher amounts of RAM and the background apps may not get to consume too much of it.

4. Keep your Android updated

Android software updates usually come with improved performance. So, if you want to enjoy gaming on your Android device, you should keep your Android version up-to-date. You should also make sure to do the regular software updates that your phone may require.

Some people have complained of poorer performances after updating their phones, but this is not the general trend. Most times, the updates are there to boost performance and security. They also come with bug fixes and bring new features to your Android device, providing high performance and stability. You will notice some of these performance improvements in your Android gaming experience.

To update your Android or check for the current version, go to Settings > System updates or Settings > About phone > System updates or Settings > About phone > Software info > System updates, depending on the make of your device.

5. Use Gaming Performance Boost Apps

Google Play Store is filled with applications that help to improve gaming performance on Android. Many of these apps work by boosting the graphics quality and performance of your device.

Many of these gaming performance boost apps come in the form of launchers which house your games. When you open your games through them, you get improved performance. Generally, the features work only while you are playing games through the launcher. Some of the gaming performance boost apps that you will find on Play Store are CM Game Launcher, Swift Gamer, and Game Booster.

Some Android devices come with inbuilt Game Launchers which improve your gaming experience.


If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will definitely get improved gaming experience on your Android device. While some tips may improve the graphics of your Android games, some others may simply improve the performance. Your choice depends on what exactly you want. Just be sure to check whatever effect your choice has on your Android phone’s battery.

If there is any other tip you think we should include, do let us know in the Comments section below.

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