Heroic – Magic Duel officially launches on Android

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Nordeus, the creators of Top Eleven – the world’s most successful mobile sports game, is thrilled to announce the fast-paced strategy gameHeroic – Magic Duel.

Launching worldwide today on iOS and Android, Heroic aims to shake up and dominate the competition with some exciting new twists on a fan-favorite genre.

Players choose from a roster of five heroes, each having their own unique traits and abilities. Each hero has their skills, reflexes and tactical smarts put to the test. Before each battle begins, players choose two hero-specific spells and pick up a maximum of 50 distinct minions to build a deck that matches their strategy.

Players also need to be alert and keep their wits about them, as enemy portals crash down in real-time. What this means is that quick reactions are what stands between defeat and victory.

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