Grobo Now Available on Android

Grobo Now Available on Android

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Developer Hot Chocolate Games is looking to bring a mind-bending series of challenges in their upcoming mobile puzzle game Grobo. Taking place in a hand-drawn world called Megatropolis, players will have to help our little character understand the gravity of his reality. Grobo is now available on Android.

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Grobo Now Available on Android

Testing your mental strength and building an understanding of how strange scenarios can be solved with the tools you’re given is something puzzle game fans enjoy.

The story of Grobo is based on a cute little Robot ‘g.R0b0’, who awakens unexpectedly in a Megatropolis Museum, beckoned by a mysterious voice in its head to travel to the outermost layer of the world.

In its surroundings no sign of life has remained, all that is left are the obstacles and the dangers amongst the vacant, labyrinthian mega-city. g.R0b0 now goes on a journey to find out to whom that voice belongs, what happened to Megatropolis, the people, the other robots, and above all to find a friend. You can download the game here.

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