GRIT Platform Runner is a new different kind of race

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GRIT Platform Runner is an arcade game that challenges you to get to the Castle in one piece. A runner in which you will avoid all kinds of dangers to achieve our goal: spikes, free falls, broken bridges …

The development of GRIT Platform Runner drinks directly from classics such as Canabalt and Geometry Dash: our character will run automatically from left to right of the screen and we can only control the jumps that you make. A touch on the screen is equivalent to a jump in the game. Something vital to survive as long as possible, since any stumble is equivalent to defeat.


GRIT Platform Runner may not look like much at first, thanks to its stiff animations and drab foreground, but thankfully the gameplay is where this title’s fun is to be found. While this release is clearly an endless runner, you’ll happen across a few checkpoints so that you won’t have to always start over from the beginning when you die.

If you enjoy crushingly difficult platformer like Geometry Dash or The Impossible Game, then you’re going to want to check out GRIT Platform Runner. It is absolutely free and you can get it here.

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