Graveyard Keeper has launched on Google Play

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Graveyard Keeper made the leap over from PC to mobile this week, introducing its dark brand of Stardew Valley-like management sim to the crowd that prefers to take its gaming on the go.

Graveyard Keeper offers a much darker theme since you’ll spend the majority of your time maintaining a graveyard while facing the many ethical dilemmas the fall upon the position of a cemetery manager living in the middle ages.

You play as the eponymous graveyard keeper who is mysteriously transported back in time to a fantasy medieval period. To get back to his ordinary life, he has to build up a rundown cemetery back to its former glory.

With the help of a floating talking skull (yes, you read that correctly), a bunch of ghostly inhabitants, and the local church, you’ll start work on that. Go to the Google Play store to get the game.

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