Grand Mountain Adventure

Grand Mountain Adventure has finally launched on Android

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Grand Mountain Adventure is an open world skiing game that features five different skiing resorts for you to ski through. You get to ski in various environments, which includes villages, ravines, and even forests. As you play on, you will meet fellow snowboarders, friendly bears, and some dangerous bears too. In fact, there are also natural disasters such as avalanches that you have to avoid along the way.

Following an extensive beta, Grand Mountain Adventure has finally launched on Android. It is impressive to note that this gorgeous game, that has taken Reddit by storm, was created by just three brothers at a new studio called Toppluva. Impressively, the game looks so gorgeous and polished, despite the “inexperience” of these brothers.

Grand Mountain Adventure
Grand Mountain Adventure

If you’re interested in playing Grand Mountain Adventure, simply grab it for free right now on Google Play.

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