Grancrest War - Quartet Conflict

Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict is now out on Android

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Grancrest War - Quartet Conflict

Grancrest War is a popular long-running anime RPG franchise, and Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict is the latest entry in the franchise. The good news is that this entry is now available on Android.

This entry is a 3D hack and slash RPG whose main objective for the player is to rescue a kingdom from the clutches of war. The gameplay is quite straightforward. As a player, you will have to find your way among and around enemies. You will have to hack your way through waves and waves of enemies.

You will bring a team along to the battle to support you. You will get the option to switch between different members of this time as you wish, depending on whatever you want to do at any point in time.

The various team members have different classes and skills. There is the warrior, there is the archer, and there is the mage. If you intend to succeed in the game, then you must learn to balance the strengths of the team members and leverage this to your advantage.

New characters join the old ones in Grancrest War: Quartet Conflict. A cast of brand new characters joins favorites from the anime and novels such as Teo, Irvin, Siluca, and Ashlea.

You can get this game on Google Play right now. Head on over and check if it is available in your territory/country. Let us know in the Comments section below if it is.

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