Gorogoa now on Google Play for cheap

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Fans of fiendish brain teasers will be glad to hear that the insanely gorgeous, multi-award-winning puzzle game Gorogoa is going for cheap on Google Play.

Gorogoa is an incredibly unique game from the mind of indie developer Jason Roberts, with a touching narrative that plays out across comic book-like panels. Each set of images, which are brought to life with stunning, hand-drawn animation, offers a new set of puzzles to solve by manipulating the scenes with simple taps and gestures.

If you haven’t played Gorogoa yet, now’s your best chance as the beautiful hand-drawn puzzler is going cheap right now on Android. You’ll rearrange a variety of beautiful artwork as you strive to complete each of the puzzles. There are literally thousands of illustrations by Jason Roberts here, which is quite the artistic feat.

So go and grab it right now from Google Play, where it’s on offer for about 50% off the usual price. That’s an absolute steal.

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