Full Metal Monsters

Full Metal Monsters is a new Android game that lets you battle Armor-plated Dinosaurs

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Full Metal Monsters is out right now on Android, and it sounds like a really great game. It is a 5v5 realtime PvP in which you create your own armor-plated, weapon-coated dinosaur, and use it to battle against other players’ creations.

If you ever dreamed of riding around on the back of a dinosaur, then this game is probably your closest bet. You get to choose from a variety of monsters ranging from the Tyrannosaurus rex to winged monsters. You have access to a wide range of armor and weapons to outfit your monster.

Full Metal Monsters also offers you the option to battle in melee range if that is your preference. You do not necessarily have to fire rockets at enemies if you don’t want to.

To enjoy Full Metal Monsters, head on over to Google Play now to grab it.

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