Foxyland 2 coming soon to Google Play

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Foxy Land is a fun side-scrolling arcade game in which you take control of a cute and adorable fox. The love of your life has been stolen by a dastardly eagle – you must do what you can to save her! You must control your character and work through each level and collect cherries and jewels as you progress.

Crescent Moon Games will finally launch FoxyLand 2 on Android next week, following a lengthy beta period. You play as the eponymous Foxy, who must set out on an adventure to rescue his little foxes from the evil Duke and his brother Jax.

This time, you’ll be joined by Jenny. If you’d like to play with a friend, they can take on the role of Jenny, which is cool. In terms of gameplay, you’ll run and jump your way across the world, defeating enemies, avoid traps, and meeting new characters.

You can grab the beta version of FoxyLand 2 right now on Google Play, with the full release set to follow next week.

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