Football Manager 2019

Football Manager 2019 is now available on Android

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Football Manager 2019

Over the years, various forms of Football Manager games from different developers have grown in popularity among football lovers. Think you can manage a team better than the top coaches out there? Then, why not try out Football Manager 2019 Mobile.

Available now on Android, Football Manager 2019 allows you to manage your favorite football team/club in various leagues.

As a manager, you will be involved in everything that concerns your chosen team/club. You decide which players to buy and which to sell. You train the players and set up tactics to help them win matches.

Even while matches are going on, you may make tactical changes to turn the table around in your favor. You get to substitute players as a normal football coach would.

Improvements of Football Manager 2019 over Football Manager 2018

Football Manager 2018 Mobile is definitely a great game. However, the 2019 version brings some improvements. Football Manager 2019 Mobile comes with new leagues, a new training system, squad numbering, and team kits. It also brings with it general improvements that you will notice while playing the game.

You can get Football Manager 2019 Mobile now on Google Play.

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