Football Drama

Football Drama is now available for sale on Android

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Football Drama is a game that football lovers will love. It is a form of football manager simulator where you make choices. You will manage Calchester FC and bring the Club to glory.

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Football Drama Gameplay

Football Drama is basically like any football manager simulator. It is all about making choices for the betterment of your club.

The interesting thing about Football Drama is that your choices off the pitch matter a lot. You will make choices both on-pitch and off-pitch. You must manage the pressure from the Club’s owner and the press. In fact, you have a love life to maintain as well.

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Football Drama is not strictly about football. It also has collectible card game elements. The narrative of the game also changes depending on the choices you make at any point in time.

Does this sound like a game you would love to play? You can get it for cheap now on the Google Play Store.

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