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Five great games to play this holiday season

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To help you find something new to play this festive season, we’ve rounded up five great games that we reckon everyone will enjoy. So why not download a few.

PUBG Mobile – Download here

PUBG Mobile is our favorite battle royale shooter on mobile. Not only is it a built-for-mobile version of the world’s first entry in the genre, but it also just so happens to be better than the PC and console versions it’s based on.

Monument Valley 2 – Download here

Monument Valley 2 is the sequel to the finest mobile puzzler ever, and it builds on the original by introducing a second character to the mix. You’ll help Ro and her child navigate the intricacies of a beautiful world inspired by the works of Escher, and you’ll have a heck of a good time doing so.

The Room: Old Sins – Get it

The Room is another classic mobile puzzler franchise and Old Sins is the latest entry. It’s, essentially, a collection of 3D puzzle boxes that you have to solve by swiping and tapping to move around and interact with them. This one, in particular, has you exploring a cute, if a little creepy, dolls house.

Alto’s Odyssey – Get it

Alto’s Odyssey is a visually stunning dune boarding sim that has you racing down the slopes of a variety of exotic desert environments. You’ll perform a bunch of tricks, complete challenges, and unlock new characters as you strive to get the highest score.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition – Get it

Rather than simply port Final Fantasy XV to mobile – which probably isn’t possible right now – Square Enix created a brand new chibi version for our favorite platform. This Pocket Edition streamlines the entire adventure and makes it work beautifully on a touchscreen.

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