ffake eyes Colonicle mobile android game

FAKE EYES Releases Multiplayer Mobile FPS VR Game ‘Colonicle’

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FAKE EYES, a VR game development company in Korea, released VR FPS game COLONICLE. Colonicle is a mobile VR FPS game which up to eight players fight against each other through wireless internet with Gear VR, Cardboard VR, and Oculus Go. One on one to Four on four, a total of 8 people can play various missions. And maps which include Death Match and Occupation Match help to play the game.

ffake eyes Colonicle mobile android game

Also, build strategies with the team to kill the enemies with more than 10 kinds of weapons. With the support of various wireless controllers, such as Xbox Bluetooth Controller and DualShock4 Bluetooth Controller, FPS game enthusiasts and gamers who want to enjoy the great sense of immersion in virtual reality are enjoying the game.

The app is available for free on the Oculus StoreGoogle play store and Amazon app store.

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