F1® Manager game launches on Android

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The new F1 Manager game launches on Android devices today, putting budding team principals in the hot seat, to prove their strategic skills, and deliver success for their very own F1 team.

Created by mobile game developer Hutch – the company behind other racing hit for mobiles like Smash and Hot Wheels Race Off – F1 Manager plays out like any other game of its type, putting the player in the shoes of a team manager seeking the ultimate victory

Being a licensed product, all the elements of the game have been recreated to mimic their real-life counterparts, from the circuits to the drivers and teams. The player is tasked with taking over a team made of two drivers and seeing them through the races of a Formula 1 season, including by dictating the in-race strategy.

The player will have a say about when and if to perform pit stops, what tires to use and in what mode the engine is running. Random events like dynamic weather, unexpected car crashes, and safety car deployments will test the player’s ability to react to unforeseen occurrences.

F1 manager has two game modes, Duel and Grand Prix Events. You can download the game here.

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