Eyes of Ara now available on Google Play

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The Eyes of Ara is a beautiful point-and-click adventure game that was initially released on PC back in 2016. At the time it was heralded as a top indie game for that year, and last June a mobile port made its way to iOS. Early this morning the game’s developer 100 Stones Interactive announced on Twitter that The Eyes of Ara is now available on the Google Play Store.

Rather than focusing on a narrative, players are tasked to solve a plethora of puzzles in The Eyes of Ara with no help or hints, in classic puzzler style. In effect, gamers will discover what’s going on in the game for themselves instead of being told what’s going on.

The puzzles within the wider mystery of its obscure storyline cover a huge gamut of categories, difficulty, and intensity, giving gameplay itself a variety not often seen in other apps in the genre.

The still-stunning graphics — with the original title launched in 2016 — translate to mobile brilliantly via the touch interactions, which leave the UI minimal and the screen free from obstructions. That’s also in part thanks to the developer’s focus on making the game’s 3D graphics display in a device-specific fashion, scaling and adapting to suit a variety of screen sizes. You can get it here on Google Play

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