Era of Legends is an MMORPG coming to Google Play

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Ever wished there was something like World of Warcraft on mobile? Well, Moscow-based developers, 101XP has just announced that their free-to-play mobile MMORPG Era of Legends (English) is coming soon with a pre-registration event already ongoing!

Era of Legends is a brand new mobile MMORPG that you can grab now on Android. It’s pretty standard fare, with you creating a character out of eight different classes.

Different playable classes from a diverse selection of races are also available, each with unique skills and specialty.

  • Warrior – a huge bull humanoid race that focuses on defense and serves as the main tank class.
  • Assassin – swift and wields dual daggers from the Elven race. They boast high agility and fancy moves.
  • Priest – Elves that are blessed by the gods with healing powers. They serve as the main support class.
  • Witch – they avoid confronting enemies head-on, relying on summoning monsters to do their dirty work. But if they wish, they can unleash dark spells and mind control enemies.
  • Druid – blessed by nature, druids can morph into different beasts and ask the aid of animals in their battles. They also have high defense.
  • Archer – long-range physical damage dealer that has fast attack speed. Coupled with the right pet, its enemies will be dead before they reach it.
  • Mages – a glass cannon class that can unleash devastating spells one after the other. Boasts one of the highest damage scales in the game.
  • Shaman – a mix of support and offense class, shamans rely on spirits to support their allies or curse their enemies.


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