Endless Road

Endless Road is a Roguelike Card Battler now available on Android

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Endless Road

Endless Road is a combination of roguelike and card battler that is now available on Android. The game lets you choose four different classes with different skills and equipment. As you progress in the game, you can swap between these classes.

The game is presented in the form of a table-top board game. You will make your way across a game map. While on this adventure across the map, you will have to react according to various random events that will unfold.

You will use strength to combat or participate in events and to complete objectives. In fact, you will need strength for each action you take. To keep your strength topped up, you have to eat and cure your wounds when necessary.

Endless Road is for you if you love roguelikes, card battlers or board games. You can get it right now on Google Play.

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