Dynasty Warriors 9 in the works to come to Google Play

Dynasty Warriors 9 in the works to come to Google Play

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This morning Nexon announced that its subsidiary Nexon Korea has entered into licensing and global publishing agreements with Koei Tecmo to develop a massively multiplayer online role-playing game based around the console and PC release Dynasty Warriors 9. 

Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile is in development at Nexon Korea’s One Studio and recreates the original title’s open-world and action.

“We are very happy to be able to deliver Dynasty Warriors 9, which is a representative Musou action game, as a mobile MMORPG,” One Studio development director Kun Wook Song. “Please look forward to enjoying the unique action of Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile.”

What people may not realize is that Dynasty Warriors 9 took the series into a new direction with its open-world gameplay, so it kind of makes sense to see the series jump from an open-world design to a mobile MMORPG. Supposedly this mobile game “recreates the original title’s open world,” but the skeptic in me can’t help but feel trepidatious that this title will turn out to be yet another auto-play grind-fest that resembles an idle clicker more than a traditional MMORPG.

No further information has been provided, so we all will have to play the waiting and guessing game to when Dynasty Warriors 9 Mobile will arrive on the Google Play Store

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