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Durango is a mobile survival MMO set in a prehistoric and deadly world full of dinosaurs and other players. Catch and tame dinosaurs to build villages and form tribes with other humans to survive the game’s harsh world.

Its developers have dubbed it a “Pioneering Open World MMORPG” to emphasize its focus on sandbox exploration and ability to build towns from the ground up. Craft an endless variety of tools, fortresses, clothing, meals, and more that use resources found across the game world. Hunt, capture, and tame dinosaurs to ride and utilize in your community building, making full use of the world’s resources.

It’s basically a survival experience like Crashlands, Minecraft, or Don’t Starve, except it’s also completely online and you can play with friends. Once you’ve created your own village, your friends can visit whenever they like.

Crafting also plays a huge role, as you can farm, build, cook, mine, tame animals, and gather various materials. You can then turn all of that stuff into weapons, gear, food, and a variety of other useful items.

Durango Key Features:

  • Survival Gameplay on Mobile – get your survival fix on the go, a relatively uncommon genre for mobile games.
  • Prehistoric Game World – enter the game’s prehistoric world full of carnivorous dinosaurs and lush natural resources.
  • Build a Community – bring or make friends within the game and build massive fortresses to defend against dinosaurs and other players.
  • Catch and Tame Dinosaurs – catch dinosaurs and tame them to ride into combat, allowing players to co-exist peacefully with some species.
  • Flexible Crafting System – utilize a wide variety of the game’s resources to create a multitude of tools, equipment, and structures.

You can download it here.

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