Dungeon Break Is In Early Access on Google Play

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Dungeon Break is a simple mobile action game developed by ‘Auer Media & Entertainment‘ is now in Early Access and anyone with an Android Phone can play it.

Dungeon Break is the sequel of much famous ‘Billion Lords’ and in the game, you have to dash, move, locate and shoot! that’s pretty much all.  Peep the trailer below

Dungeon Break plays just like a classic twin-stick shooter. You’ll navigate around each dungeon, taking down your many enemies through traps and attacks. Boss fights are included, which break up the monotony of dungeon crawling. 

Dungeon Break comes with a twist, though. In this game, you’ll instead control the minions, who have now grown tired of being taken advantage of as soldiers in the lords’ wars. They’ve united and determined to have a crack at a full-on rebellion. Obviously, this doesn’t come off as good news to the Lords, and so they’ll try to squash your uprising. Get it here.

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