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Dragalia Lost celebrates six months with a massive update

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Dragalia Lost is a mobile RPG from Nintendo that was released sometime in September 2018. Just last month, it got released in many more territories.

To celebrate Dragalia Lost‘s six-month milestone, Nintendo has released a massive update for the game. This update includes an improvement in co-op matching, so that you will not have to wait for long. Also, if you have completed chapter four of Dragalia Lost, you can now equip two different wyrmprints.

This Dragalia Lost update also includes a feature to double the game speed to drift through chapters more quickly. This feature is especially useful for you if you like to play automatically.

You may be wondering if this new update is all extra features and no extra fun. Well, more fun is included as well. Fire Emblem Heroes characters will soon make an appearance in a separate crossover event.

Interested in playing Dragalia Lost? You can grab it right now on Google Play.

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