Dota Chess Is Here, To Stay

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Remember the post about Dota Chess being set for release? well, it is out now and it is getting much love from lovers and critics alike.
As the name might suggest, Dota Auto Chess is a combination of features from video game Dota 2 and the traditional board game of chess, with an automatic element also involved.

It uses characters from computer game Dota 2, whose annual world championship has been the world’s most generous game tournament since starting in 2011.

Matching three of the same creatures will allow you to merge them together to create a two-star version. This character will now have around double the health and damage it did at one-star, so aim to get characters to level two or higher.

If you like strategy games that take a lot of your time, then this is the game for you. You can get better at choosing units, upgrades and positioning your units. Although, if the enemy has better units and skills then how can you win? Combat is simulated, so better units and skills equal victory.

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