Disgaea RPG trailer drops, release imminent.

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ForwardWorks and Nippon Ichi Software announced Disgaea for iOS and Android a long time ago. After slowly revealing more and eventually changing its name, the game went up for pre-registration in Japan. I’ve been a huge fan of this franchise from the PS Vita days to the superb Disgaea 5 on PS4 that got a port to Nintendo Switch. Disgaea RPG recently got a trailer that you can watch below: Disgaea RPG is the mobile version of the hit tactical RPG, and it’s finally out on Android. That’s good news. The bad news is that it’s only out in Japan for now, with no western release in sight.

Characters from throughout the franchise will return and join forces with you. Your goal is to become the ultimate overlord – whatever that means.

If you’ve never played a Disgaea game before, you can still play this but the draw of the franchise has always been over the top crazy strategy. The series did quite well on PlayStation platforms in the West and has found success on the Switch recently with two late ports. If you have a Switch and want to get some portable Disgaea action, check out Disgaea 5 Complete. It has a free demo. Your aim in the mobile game Disgaea RPG is to become the ultimate overlord. I can’t wait to see the insane damage numbers and levels add up.

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