Digimon ReArise out on Android

Digimon ReArise out on Android

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Bandai Namco Entertainment launched Digimon ReArise (Free) only in Japan a year ago. But today, Digimon ReArise is out on Android. This newly-announced English version is already available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store, and the description details a free-to-play game that offers an original story where players will face off in 5v5 battles.

Digimon ReArise out on Android

It looks fairly straightforward and flashy, though I’m yet to take it for a spin myself. Outside of the main story, there are also Clash Battles to test your mettle on.

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The first of these sees you going up against the Mega-level WarGreymon. Beating him will net you precious Digicode, which you can then use to ‘Digivolve your Digimon into WarGreymon or the celestial shaman, Sakuyamon’.

Bandai Namco has made sure to release the free to play the mobile game nearly the same time as the console and PC port. You can download the game here.

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