Defend Your Castle

Defend Your Castle has just launched on Android

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Defend Your Castle is a classic browser game that has now launched on Android, and it is definitely worth checking out.

The game involves you defending your turf from stickmen barbarian hordes who are trying to take over your throne.

In Defend Your Castle, you will fortify walls, and set up archery ranges and wizard towers to train units. There are also craftsmen’s workshops and demolition laboratories to develop new weaponry for you to protect your castle and defend it from the barbarians.

Defend Your Castle

As you play on, you can pick up barbarians and drop them into your castle. There, you can train them as craftsmen, archers, or wizards.

In this awesome game, you will cast spells as you battle your way through hundreds of levels.

Interested in playing Defend Your Castle? Head on over to Google Play right now to get it.

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