Death Road To Canada

Death Road To Canada Is Now Available Super-Cheap On Android

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Death Road To Canada is a road trip RPG that is available on Android. In case you have not heard of it before, the game involves players trying to escape a zombie apocalypse by traveling from Florida to Canada.

While on the escape journey from Florida to Canada, meet strange characters, explore post-apocalyptic cities, and fight against zombies. These zombies come in large numbers, with up to 500 of them on screen at once at some points.

The Death Road To Canada story appears to be random. In fact, the whole gameplay and role-playing experience are quite random too.

If you are a lover of RPGs or a lover of adventure games or a lover of zombie games, then you should definitely check this game out. You can get it on Google Play right now for about $2.50, slashed down from $10.

Another RPG that you can check out is Shining Force Classics by SEGA Forever. It is now available for free on Android.

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