Dandara the metrodivania now available on Google Play

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Brazilian indie game studio Long Hat House has released its latest game, Dandara, on the Play Store. While it isn’t likely to be the biggest release this month — that will surely be either Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition or Tekken Mobile — it is nonetheless a fun looking game.

The premise behind the game is that a bizarre universe is on the edge of collapse. Luckily, the oppressed people living in this world have a hero to save them. Enter Dandara. Playing as the heroine, you will have to make your way through a large game universe filled with mystical creatures in order to save the day.

The hit metroidvania Dandara is currently going cheap on Android, at a fraction of its ordinary price.You play as the eponymous hero who is on a quest to save the world of Salt, which is going through some form of opression.

You’ll tap and swipe to help the hero navigate a gorgeous, pixelated environment.Along the way you’ll battle enemies, solve puzzles, and uncover new abilities that help you progress.
ead on over to Google Play right now and grab it while it’s cheap

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